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Only a really shattered, scotch- or martini guzzling, upward-mobility struck house nigger could possibly deny the relentless tension of the black condition.

He’s talking to you, bougies!!!!!

James Baldwin reading heauxs in His essay, “Every Good-Bye Ain’t Gone,” 1977.

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Addressing the “new black”

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Go ahead, let the Supreme Court knock down Affirmative Action


when the admission rates of white girls going to college starts dropping the fuck off, you can bet they’ll “fix” that shit with a quickness

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Reblog if you’re in your 20s.



Be proud of being a tumblr senior citizen!



Lori Beth Denberg was the comedic genius of my childhood.

vital information over everything





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Basically white people need to get the fuck away from us until they can get their shit together. That’s the point. That’s why HBCU’s are important.

This is fucked up on both sides including the white haters.

SHUT THE FUCK UP WHITE RAILERS!!!!!!! It’s not fucked up on both sides because making a mockery of the lynchings that happened to our not so distant relatives and turning PoC identities into painful stereotypes is not the fuck equal to us telling you to get the fuck away from us. We are often AFRAID to fuck with y’all. And don’t even dare say it’s not all white people because not all revolvers have six bullets in them, but I’m not about to pull the trigger. We have to protect ourselves because y’all are generally dangerous both physically and spiritually. I don’t care about your feelings.